5 Benefits of a Healing Diet


There is a very strong consensus in the scientific community that upwards of 75% of disease can be positively impacted by our lifestyle and environment. We often discuss 7 Pillars of a wellness lifestyle and of those 7 habits, adopting the right diet is paramount.

Food provides more than just fuel for energy, it is actually a source of biological information to all of the cells of our bodies.  When we eat a diet that is “nutrient dense” we provide the best recipe for health.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of a Healing Diet

  1. Lowered Inflammation. One of the hallmark characteristics of virtually all chronic or degenerative disease is the presence of inflammation. Chronic inflammation lowers our immune defense and makes it very hard for the body to heal. It turns out that many components of a healthy diet can reduce inflammation. Foods like ginger, turmeric, pumpkin seeds, and fish oil are amazing anti-inflammatories that are far safer than any medication your doctor could prescribe.
  2. Balanced Blood sugar. When our blood sugar is chronically elevated, it actually causes accelerated aging of our cells as well as significantly increases our risk of heart and kidney disease, poor circulation and  The rates of diabetes and its precursor, insulin sensitivity are skyrocketing in every major industrialized nation that has adopted the “American” diet.  When blood sugar is elevated, our body produces the hormone insulin to get that sugar into the cells. Insulin is a major “storage” hormone that is designed to stuff that excess sugar away in our bodies in the form of fat. I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you that we have an obesity epidemic.  Getting blood sugar under control is absolutely crucial for hormone health and balanced energy as well.
  3. Reduces Toxicity. Many of the environmental toxins that we are exposed to come from the food we eat and the beverages we drink.  Toxicity is related to a host of autoimmune diseases, neurological conditions as well as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and even autism. We have many organs in our bodies that are constantly trying to rid our cells of these toxins but they are simply overburdened with the modern world.  Eating organic produce, grass-fed, organic beef, free-range organic fowl and wild caught fish can reduce our exposure to dangerous herbicides and pesticides that cause disease in our bodies.
  4. Reduces the chance for nutrient deficiency. The standard American diet is full of empty calories, sugar and poor quality “enriched” foods.  There is simply no way to get the antioxidants and phytochemicals that our body needs from white bread, white rice and fast food.  A diet that is dense in nutrients from fresh fruits and veggies, clean meats, nuts and seeds and healthy fats give us the best chance to absorb the basic elements required to properly maintain our bodies in health.
  5. Supports a healthy microbiome. What is a microbiome? Well, it is the fancy term for the ecology of all of the micro organisms that reside on and in our body.  It turns out that all of the “germs are bad” ideas that we were taught through the 20th century were more wrong than right. Certainly there are plenty of bugs that can cause disease but having the right bugs on and in us is the best defense against those that are disease causing. These microbes are essential for our health. We have to have a symbiotic relationship with this microscopic world.  The emerging science is teaching us that what we eat profoundly affects the diversity of the species of these gut bugs and therefore the health of our immune system.

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