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shutterstock_128950097Digestive problems encompass a wide range of symptoms running the gamut from embarrassing to debilitating. Millions of people suffer from heartburn, indigestion, nausea, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea and recurring yeast infections.

Our Digestive support programs utilize herbs, nutrients, and a healing diet plan to address the underlying cause of your tummy troubles rather than using antacids or other medications to mask symptoms. You’ll cleanse your digestive tract and repair damage caused by poor diet or overgrowth of harmful organisms.

The Healing Diet will help you eliminate many of the primary foods and “food-like substances” that are major contributors to your problems.

There are two primary interrelated issues when it comes to digestive irregularities. The first has to do with the foods that you may be consuming.  Many people are sensitive to specific foods, such as gluten, soy, or dairy. These sensitivities may be causing symptoms distant from the digestive tract and therefore you might not even be aware of the effect of these foods on your health.  Also, many of us choose a diet that is lacking in fresh, raw fruits and veggies – therefore virtually ensuring that we are deficient in fiber and digestive enzymes.

The second problem is related to a condition that doctors call “dysbiosis”. Simply stated, dysbiosis is an imbalance in the milieu of microorganisms that reside in the digestive tract. Poor diet, antibiotic use, hormonal birth control and many medications can cause a loss of the beneficial colonies of bacteria that are essential to our overall health.  When these beneficial populations decrease it can easily lead to an overgrowth of parasites, yeast, fungal organisms, and disease-causing bacteria.

Both of these issues can cause tissue damage, inflammation and dysfunction that lead to constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, and indigestion!

When the damage reaches significantly high levels the integrity of the intestinal lining is compromised – a condition called “Leaky Gut Syndrome” – and the gut is no longer able to discern between what is absorbed into the blood stream and what is kept out of the blood stream. Therefore, molecules “leak” into the blood that should not be present and are attacked by our immune system, causing even more inflammation and tissue damage. When food proteins “leak” into our blood stream, the immune system thinks they are foreign invaders and mounts an immune response that we experience as an allergic reaction. Increased allergies to food and environment are signs of impaired digestive tract. Yeast and bacteria can also “leak” into the blood stream and cause significant immune system activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – My doctor gave me antacids. Isn’t that good enough?

A – Medical doctors are wonderful in so many ways; we wouldn’t want to live in this dangerous world without modern medicine. Unfortunately, many of them are locked in a ‘model’ that is outdated. While taking antacids can give relief of symptoms, they don’t get to the deeper cause. In fact, they can actually create even more imbalance in the digestive system then you had when you started. We’ll look to the cause and help you find safe solutions.

Q – So many people are dealing with food allergies to wheat, dairy etc. Are these diets just a fad?

A – Unfortunately the increase in food allergies/sensitivities are very real. As we continue to eat foods that are less and less whole and healthy it impairs our digestive tract and creates an immune system overload.  Toxins in our environment and chronic stress add to the problem so you can imagine that the numbers of sufferers will continue to increase.

Q – I’ve heard that I should just be eating yogurt and that would help?

A – Traditional yogurt is a “fermented” food, meaning that it has active bacterial cultures growing in it. These can be very beneficial. Many of the popular brands of yogurt have added all sorts of sugars and other additives to the point that their benefit is questionable.  We highly recommend learning how to create fermented foods to incorporate into your family’s diet. In addition, we recommend a daily supplement of “probiotics” to ensure good gut immunity.

Patient Success Stories

“My little 7 year old boy struggled with chronic constipation for about 4 years. It got so bad that he lost the ability to determine when he needed to use the restroom and doctors did not know what could be done. Thankfully, Dr. Duggar discovered he had multiple bacteria, yeast, and parasite issues. After the treatment he received from Dr. Duggar, he stopped having accidents! Now the yeast and parasites are under control and hopefully the bacteria soon will be too. The physical results are just a small part of the improvement. What I am truly grateful for is to see my son’s confidence improve. H.B. – Pratville AL

“I woke up one day with hives on my arms. Over a period of a few days they spread over my entire body until my lips and throat started to swell. An allergist and dermatologist treated me with antihistamines and told me there was no hope and that I could easily have these hives for ten or more years. Dr. Duggar was different. After about two weeks of herbal supplements and following a specific diet that he counseled me on, the hives are almost gone!  P.V. – Salt Lake City UT

“All my life I figured the airborne and food allergies and chemical sensitivities were my challenge in life and I tried to accept it. I was living in fear. Then I attended Dr. Duggar’s wellness workshop where he explained what he did in his practice. Since then, my life has dramatically changed for the better. The hour and fifteen minute drive to his office is worth the trip. I can now eat corn, enjoy waterslides at family reunions, and paint again. I even started teaching art at the local junior high school.  I love that the longer I work with Dr. Duggar the healthier I am becoming.  R.E. – Wellsville UT


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