Do You Need Your Appendix? and other crazy questions

MASSIVE-APPENDIX_lrg_grandeI was entertained a few days ago when I saw a news article on Facebook that boldly declared that scientists had now discovered the purpose of the appendix.  Wow! Really? Just now discovering the purpose of the appendix? (A little closer investigation revealed that the original story ran back in 2007, but still…) Even though mainstream medicine has long held that the appendix is a vestigial organ and serves no purpose, those of us in the alternative health world have known that it was important for a long time. We knew that it played a role in the immune system’s control of the large intestine.  The entire picture isn’t clear but we knew that it housed powerful immune system cells that become activated in the presence of a need to “defend” the gut from microbes that shouldn’t be there.  It turns out that the new research has concluded that in addition to our own white blood cells, the appendix is a storage site for the normal bacterial colonies that should be in our gut. In ages past, when we survived a nasty GI illness like cholera or dysentery, the friendly bacteria would then emerge from the appendix to “reboot” the gut flora.  Seems that our Creator had a purpose for all of our body parts after all. 🙂

So what about those who have had their appendix removed?  What happens when things get so out of balance that the only way to eliminate symptoms is to remove a diseased tissue from the body?  With the appendix removed, we are losing a key “sentinel” that guards the gut from bad microbes so it becomes even more important to get additional probiotics from our diet and supplementation.  Including “cultured or fermented” foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, kefir and yogurts can be helpful. In addition, it is important to get a broad spectrum of friendly probiotics in supplement form on a daily basis.

I’m convinced that if we had a healthier gut flora and a more balanced immune system, we wouldn’t have acute appendicitis in the first place. It would just sit there quietly doing its job, completely unappreciated by the masses of unsuspecting people who thought that they were born with extra parts.


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