Frequently Asked Questions – Functional Medicine


Q. What is Functional Medicine?

A. While there are many aspects of functional medicine, at its core, it is an approach to healing that focuses its attention on the cause of disease, not the symptoms.  Careful history, examination and thorough laboratory testing help us uncover dysfunctions in the 5 Key Systems of the body.  Functional medicine desires to understand how genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors combine to create the unique manifestations of a patients illness and then treatment programs are created to address each person’s unique bio-chemistry and goals.

Q. What is the Duggar Method?

A. The Duggar Method is a unique combination of therapeutic modalities, pioneered by Dr. Jerald Duggar D.C. that restores the balance and function of the 5 Key Systems – Nerve, Hormones, Digestion, Detoxification and Structure.  It is particularly effective in helping people solve 5 common conditions – weight gain, fatigue, depression, hormone imbalance and digestive problems.

Q. What sets the Duggar Method apart from other approaches?

A. The Duggar Method is quite unique from other approaches in both diagnosis and treatment.  While allopathic medicine runs many laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging studies, most of these tests are geared to only find pathology once it has reached an advanced state. In addition, the information is often only used to “name” or diagnose the patient’s condition, without much thought as to “why” the condition is there.  Our treatment approach goes far beyond simply naming a condition and prescribing a drug.  Instead, we create holistic programs of care that teach our patients how to eliminate physical, chemical and emotional stressors and regain control of their lifestyle.

Q. How long does it take to get results?

A. One of the hallmarks of functional medicine is it’s emphasis on patient individuality. While two people may have the same symptoms, their underlying causes may be quite different.   In addition, other factors in their history may either slow or speed up the healing process. The vast majority of our patients feel improvement within the first month of care but realize that it will often take months for complete resolution of the problem. Our typical programs are a minimum of 6 months long.

Q. What type of doctor is Dr. Duggar?

A. Dr. Duggar is a chiropractic physician with over 16 years of experience focusing on wellness and functional medicine. He has helped thousands of patients rebalance and restore their health through natural means. Although he does not service medical emergencies nor does he diagnose and treat specific diseases, he is happy to work with your medical physician in the management of your health conditions.

Q. Can I email Dr. Duggar with questions about my care?

A. Prior to actually beginning a program of care, all questions should be sent to our Intake coordinator at .  Once a person has been accepted as a patient, Dr. Duggar will answer brief questions via email.  He will usually be able to respond within 24 hours.  More complex questions that require 10-15 minutes of response or which require back and forth communications may require a 15 minute phone consultation.

Consultation Process

Q. What is the best way to schedule an appointment with Dr. Duggar?

A. The easiest way to schedule an appointment with Dr. Duggar is to call his office, I Am Wellness, at (801) 677-7878.  His team of assistants will facilitate scheduling your initial phone consult with his Intake Coordinator who will then schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Duggar.

Q. Why do I need to speak with an Intake Coordinator prior to speaking with Dr. Duggar?

A. Dr. Duggar is in high demand and has limited times available for initial consultations. Our Intake Coordinator will take the necessary time with you to answer any questions you have about our process and how to gather the necessary information so that your time with Dr. Duggar can be most productive. Without this process, wait times for new patients would be significantly longer.

Q. How quickly can I get an appointment?

A. We strive to be able to take initial consultations within 1-2 weeks of your phone call and we keep a waiting list for times when there are cancellations that might enable you to meet with Dr. Duggar sooner.

Q. What is included in the initial consultation?

A. Dr. Duggar will review your initial paperwork and questionnaires and carefully listen to your health concerns.  He will explain the relationship of your symptoms to the underlying systems that may be dysfunctional and he will determine what laboratory testing may be the most appropriate to assess your condition.  You will also receive educational materials created by Dr. Duggar, in the form of books, articles or videos that will assist you in taking the first steps along your healing journey.

Q. How long are consultations?

A. The initial consultation is scheduled for 45 minutes. Your second consultation, where Dr. Duggar will review your lab results and outline your care recommendations will be dependent on the number of tests you have but typically can be done in 45 minutes as well.  Follow up consultations can be scheduled for 15, 20 or 30 minutes.

Q. Does Dr. Duggar offer in-person consultations?

A. Yes. Dr. Duggar maintains an active wellness clinic in Bountiful, Utah, offering chiropractic and other modalities.  If you are local to the area, you may schedule your initial consultation and Report of Findings visits in the office. After that, all follow-up consultations will be done via telephone.

Q. Do I have to have lab tests done?

A. Occasionally a person will have recently been tested by another practitioner and Dr. Duggar can use those test results as a basis for your health restoration program.  That being said, most traditional medical tests are not designed to show subtle underlying functional problems.  The lab tests that we routinely order are specifically designed to help Dr. Duggar tailor a program to your individual needs and eliminate all “guess work” in your case.

Q. Do I have to have all of the lab tests at once?

A. The specific number of lab tests that will be recommended is based on your unique health situation. Typically 1-3 tests will be suggested for you during your initial consultation.  If you are unable to do all of the tests, Dr. Duggar will help you prioritize which test would be most helpful to initiate your care.

Q. How quickly are lab test results available?

A. The timeline for lab test reporting depends on the specific test and each lab but the majority of test results are sent to our office within 2 weeks.

Q. Who reviews my lab tests and designs my program?

A. Dr. Duggar will personally review your lab results and correlate them with your history and your consultation in order to create your personalized health restoration protocol.  The rest of our team will also engage to help you through your program with lifestyle and nutritional coaching and mentoring.

Q. Can I order my own tests directly through the laboratories or through my medical doctor?

A. Our saliva, urine, stool and food allergy tests are ordered through very specific functional medicine labs that only deal directly with physicians. Our blood testing profiles are ordered through LabCorp and your medical physician may be able to order the same tests but they will require that you first set up an appointment with them and they may not want to order the same panel of tests that we need, thus delaying the start of your care significantly.

Q. What labs does Dr. Duggar use and why?

A. We have learned over the years that only certain labs maintain the accuracy and consistency required to provide information that we can trust. We have hand picked several labs across the country that are the best at what they do. Saliva hormone testing is done through Diagnos-techs laboratory, Urine based hormone testing is done through Precision Analytical lab, digestive stool analysis is performed through Bio-Health Diagnostics and our food allergy panels are ordered through Oxford Medical labs. 


Q. What are the fees for consultations?

A. New Patient initial consultation: 45-minutes for $195

Report of Findings consultation: 45-minutes for $100

Follow up consultation: 15-minutes for $75, 20-minutes for $100, 30-minutes for $150

Q. What is the cost for initial lab testing?

A. While each lab test is different they range from $150 to $350 each.  If finances are an issue, Dr. Duggar will help you determine which 1 test is of the highest priority to start your program.

Q. How much do Dr. Duggar’s wellness programs typically cost?

A. Care plans are designed to meet each patient’s specific need and budget. A typical care plan might start at $1,000 and go up from there depending on complexity and duration of care included.

Q. Does Dr. Duggar bill my insurance for me?

A. Our office does not bill insurance companies.  We will provide documentation and receipts for you but it is up to you to determine whether consultations, lab tests and supplements are eligible for insurance reimbursement.

Q. Are there any discounts for multiple family members or “family plans”?

A. This is handled on a case by case basis. Each member of the family would need to complete the initial two consultations and be brought to the point of beginning a protocol.  Occasionally at that point it is appropriate for a couple to “share” consultation appointments.

Q. What are your billing and payment options?

A. Dr. Duggar offers several payment options including payment at the time of service, monthly payment plans or 1-time pre-payment.  These options will be explained to you during your Report of Findings.  Credit card is the preferred method of payment but we will accept cash or personal check as long as it is received prior to your consultation.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. We request that you provide at least 24 hour notice of your intention to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If you provide less notice than that or simply fail to keep your appointment, you may be charged for that appointment.  We will set up an email and/or text reminder system to remind you of your appointments but are not responsible for any technological errors between our system and your email or phone company.


Q. How do I order supplements for my program?

A. All supplements that are recommended for your care are available through our online supplement dispensary at . These items will be shipped directly to your home in 2-3 days.

Q. Can I purchase supplements from other places instead of Dr. Duggar’s website?

A. Unfortunately, not all supplement companies are the same.  Quality Issues of ingredients, formulation, and manufacturing process all come together to determine effectiveness and potency. Dr. Duggar has thoroughly researched the companies and products that he builds his care plans around and they are all manufactured through the top professional-line companies in the country.  If you want to research your own supplements, just know that Dr. Duggar will not be able to provide any specific dosing instructions on them.

Q. I saw the same product Dr. Duggar recommended at a lower price online. Should I purchase it from another company?

A. The internet is a big place and it is difficult to “police” but if you ever see the exact supplement Dr. Duggar has recommended offered online for a less expensive price, please let us know.  The professional supplement companies have set minimum retail pricing and each provider is required by contract to not advertise a lower price online.  If you see an advertised price lower than ours, please be aware that you are dealing with “black market” goods and there may be issues with the product such as an past expiration date.   Please do your best to support legitimate businesses who are honest in their contractual obligations.

Q. How do I order lab test kits and requisitions for follow up testing?

A. This would be an item of discussion during one of your consultations with Dr. Duggar but if for some reason, that doesn’t happen, you are welcome to call our office and request that a test kit be sent to you.  In that scenario, there is no charge for the phone call but you will be required to pay for the test kit at that time.

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