Natural Hormone Balance


Do you ever feel out of balance?

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, anxiety and depression affect hundreds of millions of people around the world and while they each have their differences, in some ways they are related.  They are each caused in part by disruptions in the balance of our hormones.

Our bodies are vast communication networks. While our nerve system communicates, controls and coordinates the body through electrical impulses our hormonal (endocrine) system communicates through “packets” of informational chemicals called hormones.  We’ve all heard of hormones but what do they really do? Why are they so important?

Hormones are responsible for virtually all of our body processes – energy and sleep, weight management, cardiovascular health and blood pressure, blood sugar balance, immune health and prevention of cancer, healthy mood and brain health, sexuality and reproduction and even the strength of our bones.

Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle wrecks havoc on the delicate hormone balance, leaving a wake of stressed-out, tired and unfulfilled people.  What is worse is that most of us reach for stimulants like caffeine or other drugs to make us “feel” better temporarily.   Science is continuing to learn more and more about the interactions of the various hormones in the body.  This increased understanding has opened up additional approaches to restoring balance to the entire hormonal system.

More and more doctors are moving away from dangerous synthetic hormones and medications and are creating individualized, safe and effective protocols to address the cause of each person’s hormonal health.  This approach is called Functional Endocrinology and it involves an understanding of each of the major hormones of the body as well as how the entire hormonal system interacts with the rest of the body.

Real solutions to hormonal problems require 1) the right testing, 2) the right support and 3) the right coaching. There are very few who can find their way through the confusing messages in the media without the help of a professional with years of experience and tried and tested protocols.  At I Am Wellness, we’ve helped thousands of patients heal and rebuild their hormonal systems through natural and safe approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What makes your approach to hormones different than my medical doctor?

A – Medical doctors are wonderful in so many ways; we wouldn’t want to live in this dangerous world without modern medicine. Unfortunately, many of them are locked in a ‘model’ that is outdated. Their answer far too often is dependent on taking synthetic hormones and drugs with laundry lists of side effects. Our approach uses the best of modern science to assess and monitor you but our treatment approaches are safe, natural and are geared to addressing the deeper causes of the imbalance.

Q – What are the symptoms of hormone imbalance?

A – The most common symptoms are fatigue, weight problems, irritability, depressed mood, lack of motivation, sleep problems, PMS, hot flashes, low libido.

Q – Are you going to just start me on some nutritional supplements like I hear on TV?

A – While nutritional supplements can be a part of an overall approach to hormonal balance, it makes a big difference what supplements you take. Our individualized approach draws from homeopathic hormone formulas, bio-identical hormone drops, herbs, supplements and careful lifestyle modification to holistically rebuild the systems that have been damaged.

Q – Will my health insurance cover all of the costs?

A – We are all getting more and more familiar with increasing deductibles and premiums but decreasing benefits from our insurance companies.  We wish that they would recognize the tremendous cost savings to them by embracing a functional medicine model but unfortunately at this point in time, they only cover outdated and drug based treatments.  One curious “side effect” of our patients paying out of pocket for care in our office is a very high degree of compliance and that contributes to our successful track record.

Patient Success Stories

 “What do I say…? My life is back on track because of Dr. Duggar! I have been struggling for 15 years with my weight gain. I also have had a fear that I would stay overweight too long and then get Diabetes and then that would take me over.  Now here I am writing this testimonial of how I feel right now and I am crying as I do this. I have had more positive comments about my appearance in the last two weeks of my life then I have in the last 15 years. I am realizing more every day that I had slipped into a state of numbness about my health! Dr. Duggar has awakened me! – K.D. Herriman UT

“Thank you Dr. Duggar. Some of the things that have GREATLY improved with your care have been less sugar cravings, less feelings of stress, a MUCH better sex drive and a general sense of well being. I recommend this to everyone!” – M.H. Bountiful UT

“Dr. Duggar has helped me regain my energy, balance my body’s acidity level (so I no longer feel nauseous) and returned my emotions back to their original, happy state. Oh, and I am sleeping better! I love the new me. Thanks Dr. Duggar!” – C.D.  Toole UT



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