Neurological Health: Brain Balance for Life

3D animations 006“Houston, we have a problem.”

You might remember that phrase from the famous Apollo 13 mission to the moon.  The astronauts aboard the Apollo reported a malfunction in their lunar module that impacted several life-sustaining functions of the craft.  Without some quick thinking back at Houston Control, the astronauts would have surely perished.  You and I have our very own “Houston Control” that is in charge of running our life-sustaining functions – our brain and nerve system.

Our level of health is completely dependent on the ability of our nerve system to perceive, interpret, respond and successfully adapt to signals from our internal and external environment.  If anything interferes with that communication, our health and vitality can be severely impacted.  That critical communication depends on the proper balance of specific brain chemicals called “neurotransmitters” like serotonin and dopamine.    Unfortunately, each of us encounters a variety of stressors on a daily basis that impact our nerve system.

Nutritional deficiencies from a poor diet can leave our brains without the proper raw materials from which to make these neurotransmitters.  Toxins from our environment like pesticides, chemical additives in our food and dangerous recreational and prescription drugs have the ability to damage and kill our precious brain cells.   Traumatic events like whiplash, concussions and even the birth process can cause physical injury to the nerve tissues.  When the nerve system can no longer communicate with the body properly, we can experience pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, memory loss and dementia as well as loss of focus and productivity in work or school.

Current medical approaches to these neurological issues rely heavily on psychoactive medications. Although the use of these drugs has skyrocketed, they are only minimally more effective than placebo and come with a laundry list of side effects. What is more, most of these conditions lack a clear, scientific protocol to guide the patient’s treatment. What ends up happening is that the patient is put on an ever-changing cocktail of medications without much success.

At I Am Wellness, our Brain Balance Protocols are able to dramatically help restore the proper balance of neurotransmitters through the simple application of targeted Amino Acid support.  Based on the work of Dr. Marty Hinz M.D., we have cracked the code of how the brain keeps these chemicals in balance accurately communicate with every cell of the body.  Finally, a scientific approach that can restore hope to the millions who suffer from these conditions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How would I know if I could benefit from this work?

A – If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, restless leg syndrome, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia or even early stage memory loss, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease and even addictions, you are suffering from an imbalance in the neurotransmitter levels in your body.  This work is ideal for these cases.

Q – I’m afraid of going off of my medications. Does this protocol require that I stop?

A – We know that the vast majority of our patients have already been prescribed medications by their medical doctor and even though they are usually only marginally effective, people are very hesitant to stop them.  That is okay.  There is no need to discontinue your medications. We will be able to restore balance to the system while you are taking them and then, once they are no longer needed, you can discuss with your physician how to taper or discontinue them.

Q – How long does it take to get things working again?

A – While each person is different, these protocols have been used effectively for over 10 years. The same lab has tracked each and every patient and so some clear averages have been reported.  The majority of patients find a balance within 3-4 months with only a small percentage taking over 6 months.

Q – Will my health insurance cover all of the costs?

A – We are all getting more and more familiar with increasing deductibles and premiums but decreasing benefits from our insurance companies.  We wish that they would recognize the tremendous cost savings to them by embracing a functional medicine model but unfortunately at this point in time, they only cover outdated and drug based treatments.  One curious “side effect” of our patients paying out of pocket for care in our office is a very high degree of compliance and that contributes to our successful track record.

Patient Success Stories

“When I first started coming to see Dr. Duggar, I was a mess. Now, I have beaten my depression and reduced my medications. I have lost 23 pounds, and am healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually. Dr. Duggar has been a Godsend to me, my husband, and my family.” – T.B. Woods Cross UT

“Before receiving care, I had severe depression. I was also in denial of changes occurring in my life. I was on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. I am now off all prescription medication and my life is back to normal! I am happy and bubbly again and definitely more fun to be around. My life has been greatly benefited by this treatment. I am amazed at how quickly I’ve been able to heal.”  –  M.B.  Wellsville UT

“When I attended a workshop that Dr. Duggar held about brain health I had been dealing with depression and severe anxiety for years. When he taught me that fixing my brain imbalances might also help me finally quit smoking I knew it was time for me.  Now I’m 6 months cigarette free, not taking any medications for anxiety or depression and am in the best relationship of my life. Total transformation.” – T.M. Woods Cross UT


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