What We Do

Functional Medicine
Most people consider themselves perfectly healthy as long as they have no symptoms. However, it is important to keep in mind that in the progression from health to chronic disease, symptoms show up late in the process. In fact, according to Dr. Walter Bortz, a leading gerontologist, we can lose up to 70% of function of an organ or system before we notice the first symptoms! Read More
Advanced Chiropractic – NeuroSpinal Integration
Chiropractic care is utilized in our office for much more than elimination of pain. While that is often what brings a person to our office seeking care, our experience shows that when a person is suffering from vertebral subluxation, those subluxations may be impacting virtually every element of the person’s body. The addition of chiropractic care to a person’s overall wellness care is often the key to their healing. Read More
Neural Therapy – Natural Pain Management
When we suffer an injury or trauma, our bodies are triggered to engage in a process of repair. That process is very complex and requires multiple systems to work together harmoniously. If this process is interfered with or impeded in any way, we may be left with residual pain and imbalance. Dr. Huenke in Germany in the 1920’s described these as “interference fields” and pioneered a technique that he called “neural therapy”, wherein he would inject a small amount of homeopathic remedy into or around the area of pain and injury. Read More
Weight Loss
We all know the statistics. They are paraded in front of us every day on the news, in magazines and around the water cooler at work. Americans are getting more and more overweight each year. The way we are living our lives just isn’t conducive to good health anymore. Most people who are overweight have already tried about everything to lose those extra pounds but have been met with frustration and disappointment at every turn. Even those who have worked really hard to do “everything” right are often discouraged by how long it takes to get their metabolism back on track. Read More
Natural Hormone Balance
Our hormone system is second only to our Nerve system in importance. In fact, many of the leading scientists are starting to consider them both part of a larger “super system”. Hormones are powerful information chemicals that direct and govern many of our body’s functions. Unfortunately, many people have an oversimplified view of the role of our hormones on our health. Read More
Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave for the last decade, I’m sure that you are aware that we are being bombarded by thousands of harmful chemicals and environmental pollutants. If that wasn’t enough, consider the over-use of antibiotics and other prescription drugs, our over-indulgence in commercially processed foods, alcohol and tobacco use and our ever increasing stress loads and you have a recipe for disaster. Everyday our bodies absorb and then attempt to excrete these toxic products that we are exposed to. Read More
Digestive Health
Digestive problems encompass a wide range of symptoms running the gamut from embarrassing to debilitating. Millions of people suffer from heartburn, indigestion, nausea, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea and recurring yeast infections.
Our digestive support programs utilize herbs, nutrients, and a healing diet plan to address the underlying cause of your tummy troubles rather than using antacids or other medications to mask symptoms. You’ll cleanse your digestive tract and repair damage caused by poor diet or overgrowth of harmful organisms. Read More

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